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Finding Balance: How Energy Healing Transformed My Sons' Lives

My journey into holistic wellness and energetics coaching began from a deeply personal place. As a mother of two boys, one struggling with Anxiety and Sensory Processing Disorder and the other with ADHD, I was constantly seeking ways to help them navigate their challenges. Despite trying various conventional methods, I always felt something was missing. This led me to explore alternative health approaches, where I discovered that energy healing was the crucial piece we needed. This discovery transformed my sons' lives and became a cornerstone of my coaching practice.


When my eldest son was diagnosed with Anxiety and Sensory Processing Disorder, it felt like our lives were thrown into chaos. I was trying to navigate a world where the symptoms were only present at school, with a psychiatrist who fully supported us and hesitant to put him on medication, to an educational system that made you feel pressure to medicate him because of how awful his behaviour was.  It was exhausting and emotionally draining from a child who never had a meltdown before to a child whose self-worth went down further into a dark hole at the age of 7, and I was scared of how we were going to get him out.


We tried numerous conventional therapies, from behavioural interventions to eventually medications, as a last resort to get him back into school. While some of these methods provided temporary relief, they often came with side effects and failed to address the root cause of their issues.


I knew there was a missing piece that our modern bandaide fixes were not addressing. I was determined to find a sustainable solution that would not just mask the symptoms but lead to genuine healing—bringing him some balance and stability when he was away from home. This quest led me to explore holistic health, which focuses on treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. However, even after adjusting nutrition, lifestyle, and mindfulness, I felt there was a missing link. It wasn't until I discovered energy healing that everything started to make sense.


Energy healing is a therapeutic practice that works with the body's subtle energy systems to remove blockages, enhance energy flow, and promote healing. Techniques such as Crystal Healing, Reiki, Access Bars, Body Talk, etc, are some of the many forms of energy healing. Curious and a bit skeptical, I decided to give Body Talk a try. To my surprise, the results were profound. Not only did I notice significant improvements in my sons' conditions, but I also experienced a sense of calm and balance that I hadn't felt in years.  This led us down the path to further explore other modalities and energetic tools for the positive impact they were having.  We found modalities that worked best for us, and they became part of our daily routine so that he could find peace in himself after a very stimulating day.


The benefits of energy healing were undeniable. My son's anxiety attacks have become less frequent, and his sensory processing issues are barely noticeable.   Knowing what we know and the home environment we have established and boundaries for outside of the home that have been set, my younger son, who struggled with hyperactivity and impulsivity, has shown remarkable improvements in focus and behaviour.  It is important to note for my son with ADHD, we knew he was a busybody with a hard time sitting, etc., but we had the proper structure and tools a part of our daily life, and it never progressed into out-of-control symptoms. It was discovered due to getting him privately tested via a psychologist because we had huge concerns with his reading and writing.


I began incorporating energy healing, the missing link, into our daily routine alongside other holistic practices such as nutrition, supplementation, mindfulness, energy healing tools, and physical exercise. The synergy between these approaches created an environment that addressed my sons' needs on multiple levels.


The transformation I witnessed in my sons was nothing short of miraculous. Energy healing provided the missing piece, allowing other therapies to work more effectively. My eldest son's sensory processing issues diminished, and he became more adaptable to different environments. My younger son's ADHD symptoms are even more significantly reduced, leading to better focus and social interactions.  They know how other people, environments and situations can impact them via the energy, and they honour that feeling and speak up. 


On a personal level, energy healing helped me become more attuned to my needs and emotions. It taught me the importance of self-care, personal healing, forgiveness and balance, making me a better mother and coach. This personal growth and understanding profoundly impacted my coaching approach, enabling me to offer my clients more comprehensive and empathetic support.


Energy healing has immense benefits but is often overlooked in mainstream holistic health practices. One reason for this is the lack of scientific validation, which makes many people skeptical. And honestly, insurance coverage, too. However, the energetic body plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. Addressing energetic imbalances can lead to sustainable changes that conventional methods might miss.


It's essential to understand the energy around us and our kids. Some energies are positive and uplifting, while others can bring us down. Too much negative energy can affect our well-being. Paying attention to the energy in places like the media, classrooms, and social circles is crucial. It also involves checking on our energetic state, addressing it when needed, and providing it with regular maintenance.


Children, especially those under six, are highly empathic and sensitive to their surroundings. Exposure to fear-based or harmful energies can really affect them, and even just a tiny event can imprint negative patterns in their subconscious, which can affect them well into adulthood. I think far too often, kids are labelled as bad, dysfunctional, or aggressive without understanding the basic principles of mental health and without taking the time to remain calm and get to the root cause of what is going on.


Energy healing promotes the flow of life force energy, which is essential for physical, emotional, and mental health. By integrating energy healing into a holistic lifestyle, we can achieve a more balanced and harmonious state of being. This approach treats symptoms and addresses the root causes of health issues, leading to lasting improvements.


My venture into coaching and the discovery of energy healing has been life-changing. It provided the missing link that enabled sustainable changes in my sons' lives and deepened my understanding of holistic health. I encourage others to explore energy healing as a valuable addition to their health and wellness practices, especially for kids! As we continue to embrace and integrate these healing techniques, I believe the future of holistic health will be brighter and more inclusive.


Energy healing has been the key to unlocking sustainable changes in our lives. It has allowed my sons to thrive and enriched my coaching practice, allowing me to shift into a profession I love. I am passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping others experience the profound benefits of energy healing and holistic health. We can achieve good health, well-being, and balance with a true dedication to living a holistic lifestyle and addressing the energetic body.


Smiles and Hugs,


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