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Food Philosophy

Food is the Foundation for Healing

The right food is the foundation for healing and optimal health.

Having suffered chronic migraines after contracting meningitis, and excruciating eczema on my hands, I knew I needed to do something different as medication wasn't a long-term solution.  Through my journey, I learned to heal by eating the proper foods and dealing with my stress by calming my mind through meditation/yoga/exercise.  The nutrient power in the right food and herbs had an impact on my health. Eliminating dairy, gluten, refined sugar/oils, processed food and meat from my diet has immensely helped. They were causing me to feel bloated, and my digestion was terrible. I was always sick because my immune system was not functioning optimally. Every day it felt like I was in a fog with no energy. When a migraine hit, I could be down for a few days.


I began to eat lots of foods like broccoli, spinach, avocadoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and sunflower seeds high in vitamins C, B, E, magnesium, and omega-3 fats.  My body had been longing for these nutrients.  Nourishing my body with healthy fats, protein, whole foods with lots of fruits and vegetables helped my body start the healing process. Removing meat helped with my digestion and eczema, but that is doesn't mean someone else can't process it, as we are all biochemically different. Implementing small changes slowly and listening to what was right for my body was crucial to my healing. Through my transition and self-discovery, I have found this foundation to be beneficial for other people.


The food we eat has a significant impact on our health, body, mind, and spirit.  Filling our day with fruits, vegetables, good grains, fats, and herbs allows our bodies to work at an optimum level. Healing illnesses and removing toxins in our body is possible with the right mindset. Keeping things simple, knowing the ingredients in food, and cooking your meals at home is fundamental. Good food doesn't need to be complicated. When we are conscious of what we are putting in our mouths, we fuel our bodies with unprocessed, organic/locally grown, nutrient-dense food. We are improving clarity, energy, and balance. It is essential to take time to love our bodies by giving it what it nutritiously needs; having gratitude and appreciation. We have the choice to put ourselves first, making our health, food, motivation, and mindset our top priority. 

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