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Charity's Story




Culinary Nutrition Expert

Professional Life Coach

Crystal Reiki Energy Healing

Meditation Facilitation & Education

Reiki Level I, II, III Teacher

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My Story

I own and operate Crystal Blue Wellness and am co-owner of Ethos – Centre for Health and Happiness in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.  I holistically support people's health and wellness through holistic wellness and energetics coaching to find the internal balance of their mind, body, and spirit.  

I learned the value of the healing effects of food and lifestyle changes on the body through my healing journey. In 2013, there were significant changes to my health, from a hematoma; as a result of a caesarian section, then contracting meningitis, to suffering from chronic migraines.  Every day felt like I was living in a fog looking out of a crystal ball. 

In the later part of that year, I realized I couldn't live this way and needed to make changes to heal my body. I started to see how the food we consumed affected not only my body but my family.  Our youngest son cannot tolerate dairy and is allergic to nuts, leading to various issues until discovered.  I also observed how foods affected our older son's anxiety and sensory challenges.   I have always loved to cook and bake, but getting creative with whole foods sparked my interest.    My passion for health and food led me to enroll in the Academy of Culinary Nutrition to educate and assist others in their healing journey.  I learned that more than one area of the body is affected when we are unwell.  As a result of my body's stress from being sick, taking medications, and working in a high-stress job, my body lacked the vital hormones needed to function.  It was here where I learned how food could heal the body.  Every individual is biochemically different, so it is important to help people choose the right foods that are healing for them. On a holistic level, it also includes providing support and strategies for people to reach their health, wellness, and lifestyle goals.

On my healing journey, I would say it was a family adventure on a holistic level.  My husband and I looked for alternative methods to help our older son. He was struggling immensely in the school environment due to his anxiety and sensory challenges. Although we had tried medication (before knowing what I know now), I knew deep down that was not a long-term answer for him.  After a few years of researching and trying first-hand different energy healing modalities, we found improvement and balance using crystals, meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing. Today, I share my experience and knowledge to help others find an internal balance of their mind, body, and spirit.

I have realized that sometimes to heal, we need to go back to the grassroots, the simple things, and not overcomplicate them.  We need to be open to new experiences, methods and modalities; you may be surprised!   You don't need to feel uncomfortable, anxious, stressed or in pain.  There is support out there that can help guide your and be your cheerleader.  And remember, it is an evolving journey, so dig in and take charge. You are worth it. 

Light and Love,

Charity Blechinger

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