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Holistic Wellness & Energetics Coaching

Let's face it; life can be overwhelming. Each day, you wake up on autopilot, reaching for endless cups of coffee just to make it through. Something or someone always demands your attention, even when you desperately need a break. You constantly prioritize everyone else's needs over your own, feeling stuck in an endless cycle of repetition with no zest for life, no sense of purpose, and on the verge of burnout.

First, I want you to know I see you, and I’m sending you a massive hug!

I understand where you are right now because I've been there, too. I know how challenging it can be to make changes that improve your health and outlook on life. Sometimes, we make one change and feel defeated when it doesn’t seem to help. Years ago, I let stress take over my life. Adding to that, I had a newborn who arrived a month early, a serious illness with chronic outcomes, and a child suffering from debilitating anxiety. My daily life felt like an endless struggle with a glass-half-empty outlook.

The key to transforming your life lies in a holistic approach, where we consider all aspects of your well-being. I struggled through my challenges on my own, but you don't have to. As a Holistic Wellness and Energetics Coach, I specialize in supporting overwhelmed parents and adults who interact with children, sensitive children themselves, and newcomers to energy healing. I can help you reach your goals and vision by being your coach, mentor, biggest cheerleader, and accountability partner.

If you've read this far, I know you're ready to make a change! Let's chat more and start your journey toward renewed confidence and calm.

Are you feeling overwhelmed or exhausted despite your efforts to find inner peace through practices like Reiki, meditation, yoga, or other energy-healing tools? I understand. Many people seek solace and balance through these powerful modalities yet still find themselves struggling with daily stress and emotional turbulence. Your journey to inner healing begins with clarity and purpose, helping you integrate these practices more deeply into your life for lasting change.

It's time to commit to yourself, dear friend. Whether you're just beginning, recently trained in energy healing, or looking to deepen your practice to make a positive impact, embarking on this inner work journey will help you unravel the knots that bind you. This way, you can stride confidently forward to support, understand, and uplift others on their paths.

Why does chaos reign in your mornings? Why does stress linger throughout your days? And why do evenings find you seeking solace in a glass of wine? These are questions begging for compassionate exploration, even after you have sought out training.

But fear not, for I've got your back!

To start this transformative journey, I invite you to book a Connection Call with me. This call is a crucial first step in understanding your unique needs and how we can work together to achieve your wellness and energetic goals. During our session, we will explore your current challenges, goals, and what you're seeking from energy healing and holistic wellness.

What to Expect from Our Connection Call:

  • Personalized Assessment: We'll discuss your current challenges, goals, and what you're seeking from energy healing and holistic wellness.

  • Introduction to My Approach: I'll explain how my energy healing, intuitive coaching, and holistic practices can support your journey

  • Tailored Recommendations: You'll receive initial insights and personalized recommendations to help you get started on your wellness journey.

  • Q&A: Ask any questions you have about my services, methods, and how we can work together.

Why Book a Connection Call?

  • Clarity and Direction: Gain clarity on your wellness goals and how to achieve them.

  • Personal Connection: Establish a personal connection and see if my coaching style aligns with your needs.

  • Next Steps: Explore the best package or plan tailored to your unique journey.


Invitation to Transform:

If you feel a connection with what I've shared, I encourage you to schedule a Connection Session with me.


During our time together, we'll delve into your needs and goals and collaborate on your journey toward transformation. My mission is to support you in developing a nurturing routine that fosters inner healing, deep connection, and a strong sense of groundedness.


Together, we'll explore your inner resources, release any barriers hindering your progress, and equip you with tools for long-lasting growth. Healing involves gradually shedding layers, beginning with prioritizing your WholeSELF.

Remember, healing is like peeling an onion; it’s a gradual process of shedding layers. With dedication, consistency, and the right guidance, it becomes smoother. But it all begins with a commitment to prioritize your WholeSELF.

      🕛 60 minutes |  🎥via ZOOM  |   💳$111



Are you ready to take that leap?

WholeSelf Wellness:
Your Path to True Inner Healing
Woman on a Deserted Road

awakening inner balance
letting go of stress
consciously aligning to your true self

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and inner transformation?

Welcome to "Finding Your from the Inside Out," a dynamic 3 month group coaching program designed to guide you through a profound exploration of self and help you unlock a life of calm, purpose, and authenticity. Through the transformative power of our WholeSELF Method, this program is meticulously crafted to lead you from a place of anxiety, overwhelm, and uncertainty towards a state of inner peace, clarity, and alignment with your true essence.


3 Month Finding You Journey = $1989 +GST

Sacred Energetic Aligntment

Sacred Energetic Alignment Sessions are a profoundly soothing and revitalizing experience that seamlessly weaves together various energy healing techniques like energetic balancing,  crystals, stones, meditation, and breathwork. These sessions, individually tailored for each person, invite you into a realm of deep relaxation, self-connection and rejuvenation.


Embark on a journey with Sacred Energetic Alignment, and expect more than just a reprieve from stress. This transformative experience is a sanctuary for emotional and physical well-being, revitalizing your immune system, alleviating pain, and promoting restful sleep. Embrace enhanced vitality and mental clarity as your body receives unique and tailored support to return it energetically to its natural state.


These sessions go beyond the physical, delving into the intricate balance of your body's energetic system. Uncover the power to release stuck emotions, let go of what no longer serves you, and foster equilibrium throughout every corner of your being. With Sacred Energetic Alignment, you'll discover a pathway to deep soul learning, healing, and spiritual growth.


Energy Healing and Crystals, a cornerstone of these sessions, acts as a guide to optimal health and energetic hygiene. It skillfully aids in the release of imbalances stored in nerve cells, tissues, muscles, and organs. These imbalances, often remnants of emotional and physical pain or trauma, find solace in this holistic approach, working to prevent the manifestation of 'dis'-ease.


In addition to the rejuvenating energy healing, Sacred Energetic Alignment sessions seamlessly integrate elements of Holistic Wellness and Energetics Coaching, providing you with valuable insights and tools to incorporate into your daily life. This holistic approach empowers you to understand and navigate your well-being, fostering lasting transformation beyond the session.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with Sacred Energetic Alignment, where the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern practices creates a space for profound transformation. It's time to reconnect with your WholeSELF and embrace the radiant vitality that awaits you.

Packages are the best options for your healing journey as it can take up to 3 sessions for your body to shift and to feel the benefits of a  Sacred Energetic Alignment healing. 

Sacred Energetic Alignment (90 Minutes) - $125 +GST
Blissful Renewal Package of 3 - 90 minute Sessions - $333 +GST
Sacred Energetic Alignment (45 minutes) - $90 +GST
Serenity Package of 3 - 45 minute Sessions - $222 +GST

Online appointments are available upon request to accommodate your busy schedule.

To take advantage of these spots, text 306-961-5784.

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