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Hi, I'm Charity,
a holistic wellness and energetics coach.

I empower parents and "sensitive" children through holistic energy healing, crystal therapy, and lifestyle wellness. My unique approach with my WholeSELF Method nurtures the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, expressive, and energetic aspects of your being, helping you and your family thrive.

As a mom of two boys who are very energetically sensitive and struggle with anxiety, sensory processing, and ADHD, I understand how home life can be overwhelming. I specialize in guiding parents to understand and support their energetically sensitive children, offering tools and techniques to navigate their unique sensitivities. Parents can create a harmonious environment that fosters their child’s growth and well-being by prioritizing self-care and energy balance.

Whether you’re new to energy healing or looking to deepen your practice, the WholeSELF Method provides personalized support to help you feel more connected, grounded, and empowered. Join us on a transformative journey to holistic health, wellness, and energetics and discover the profound impact it can have on your family’s life.

Holistic Wellness & Energetics Coaching

Sacred Energetic Alignment Sessions
Courses, Programs and Workshops

Collaborative workshops with other amazing professionals.
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