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Did you know crystals can help with physical and emotional ailments and provide us with protection?  They aren't just rocks.  Crystals are powerful sacred healing stones used by many people, cultures and traditions dating back centuries.

Crystal Grids are a great way to infuse a space with a specific intention. I used certain grids in my children's room to help them with communication and love. Crystals and crystal grids have healing benefits not only to us but our pets and even plants.

If you're interested in Customized Crystal Grid click the link below.

   4x6 Custom Grid - $70

   8x8 Custom Grid - $95

Examples of Crystal Grids are:

- Energy and Balance

- Anxiety

- Communication

- Mental Clarity

- Grief

-  Protection

Crystals are excellent at helping us transition into a beautiful sleep state, freeing the chattering mind, warding off bad dreams and nightmares, and protecting us. Sleep is something many of us struggle with at nighttime, especially the little ones. Below I have designed three types of selenite wands specifically focussing on sleep. These can be placed on a dresser, nightstand, under the bed, or left in the pouch underneath one’s pillow.

There are also ready-made crystal grids  and selenite wands available at Ethos - Centre for Health and Happiness 

351 - 16th Street West, Prince Albert, SK.