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4 Strategies You Need To Feel Calm All Day Long

The feelings of overwhelm, frustration and judgement stayed with me all day, impacting every interaction I had, especially with my husband and kids! It used to be my routine to wake up anxious, starting my day yelling and rushing to get out of the door. Then I would go to work, power through every break, not stopping and have a mini-meltdown if something didn’t work or an issue popped up.




It doesn’t have to be like this. An unexpected challenge does not derail my entire day anymore. I went from panicked, stressed and angry; to calm, collected and balanced.


I decided my health and well-being needed to come first, and for me, the key was to use techniques that could bring me into a calm place when I was overwhelmed. I deal with the issue or emotion as it comes up, so I can have a fulfilling day and interactions.

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